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Venus Salud 04-12-2019 04:30 PM

Transcend microSDXC 330S – 64GB Review
Transcend microSDXC 330S – 64GB Overview:


Aiming for mobile devices and handheld game consoles, Transcend’s High Performance microSDXC 330S memory cards compliant with the latest A2 speed class boast excellent random read/write speed for retrieving small pieces of data from random locations, and speeding app launch time.


Transcend microSDXC 330S – 64GB Specifications:



Let’s put it to the test, our Transcend UHS-I microSD 330S – 64GB.

ATTO Disk Benchmark




As you can see, the Transcend microSDXC 330S – 64GB has a remarkable read and write speed. The ATTO Disk Benchmark highest results are 89.20 MB/s and 55.17 MB/s for read and write speed respectively. The CrystalDiskMark scores at 89.12 MB/s for read speed and 55.57 MB/s for write speed.


PRICE: Check it @ Lazada Online Store and Shopee.ph

VERDICT: As expected, the Transcend UHS-I microSD 330S – 64GB has superb performance on both read and write speed that can be used in any arena. Whether in gaming application, mobile file Transfer, for 4K videos or photography – name it.

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