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Cool Here's My Entry for new ipad case

How do i take care my ipad?

It just treated like my beloved computer rig, no generic brands allowed! like protector, case etc. Even a power source extension i only use high quality surge protector. (safety first) when it comes to handling well it just like my hard disk (handle with care its fragile.)i use high quality screen protector and lastly. after searching a lot of casing finally i got targus case unfortunately its not 360 but it gives a proper air flow for my new ipad.

So here's my cleaning kit and accessories:

1. Targus Case for New ipad
2. 3M microfiber cloth specially for glasses and lcd etc.
3. Screen protector not the ordinary one.
4. Original Apple usb cable and charger.
5.Panther Surge protector power extension.
6.Sennheiser headphone for high quality sound.

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