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And another thing that disappoint me and the participants as well is that the "declared winner" did not promote the GIGABYTE product well enough. How can someone or anyone know if that meme is intend to promote GIGABYTE product by just simply looking at it? If I'm not familiar with Gigabyte and i saw that meme, will I know that its from GIGABYTE?

Yeah he's right. How we'll know if that meme is promoting Gigabyte motherboard which is indicated in your mechanics. If I'm not mistaken we are intend to promote Gigabyte and Gigabyte product right? HardwarezonePH can you tell me where did you base your evaluation on choosing which will be your contest winner? I'm very disappointed with the result upon looking at it, is that from Gigabyte? Who would know? Even an elementary student can do that.
This is not fair for those who make an effort on creating memes that promotes the said product. HardwarezonePH is that how you evaluate?
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