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Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?
I'm a creative pro, I mainly work with videos using programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. In my line of work - speed, reliability and performance of hardware is a standard. I've been a user of Western Digital Drives from my first PC until now, with my current setup having 2 WD Black as storage drives, a 1TB and 2TB respectively, I also own a WD Digital Elements portable drive to move files with me on the go. All of my WD products, have never failed me, that's also a reason why their products are known for great quality and reliability, not to mention fast speed and optimum performance. I have never used a WD SSD though, just a few months ago they announced an SSD and I was excited! But it wasn't available in the Philippines at that time so I have to work with another brand. If this chance was given to me it would be a good way to test them not only in games but also with creative professional use; to assess their usability and reliability with the daily workload of a creative professional. Also it would be a pleasure if I could finally work on an "unboxing video" which I've been wishing to try for a long time )

And also I run a fairly capable system running with a 4770k CPU and Radeon 290x GPU, I'm an enthusiast of good quality hardware so this will fit nicely on my system and run unbiased benchmarks.

My Setup Video (before the addition of another hard drive)

What are the games that you play?
I play games during my free time so despite being a creative pro, I'm also a gamer, well basically the hardware of my video editing PC are all gaming-grade enthusiast parts cost they tend to be more cost-effective when you're in a certain budget. I heard that the new WD Black2 is also tagged as an affordable dual-drive solution, so despite being a high capacity fast drive, it is still affordable.
I mainly play DotA2, Battlefield 4, the new Battlefield Hardline, Left 4 Dead 2, Hearthstone and a lot of different indie games. I also try mainstream popular games just for the sake of checking the visuals in the highest quality (Thief, Watchdog).
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