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Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?

First of all, because this is something new. but upon reading a quick review regarding this new product, I got more excited!

SSD performance can degrade when total capacities are reached or after a finite number of writes have been reached, which is a major concern for SSD users. This dual drive is the solution to these problem, I can put my large amount of data on the HDD, and this will ultimately extend the life of my SSD.

When gaming, loading will never be a problem, faster boot times and smoother game play.

...and I'm planning to make a smaller rig, this will really help me save more space for my ITX build. no more 3.5" HDD! Yay!

What are the games that you (currently) play?

I'm currently playing Dota2, BattleField 3 and BattleField 4
..and randomly playing SniperElite and some old Call of Duty series.

Hey! I also use Photoshop and other multimedia softwares.. more space! more scratch disk

Thanks for the chance HardwareZone PH!
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