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Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?

I would like to try the new WD Black2 because i would like to know how it would affect my experience running it on my rig and specially how it would improve the overall experience of gaming. This would be a great experience for me as using mechanical drives for gaming and to feel the difference in speed between the two. It would be great that if this can decrease the load times in games so less time is wasted. And since im a student in the field of technology it would really help that i could get to my work as fast as possible wasting little time that can be wasted and specially when creating and exporting rendered video files. Looking forward to try this in my Hackintosh, considering how fast it already boots lets see how will this drive make it faster

What are the games that you play?

The games that i currently play are Dota 2, CS:GO, Watch_Dogs (faster drives would be beneficial here to decrease load times ), Saints Row IV, SC2, Hearthstone, BF3&4 and BF Hardline Beta.

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