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Smile WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two!

Seriously, I wanna know how fast it is.
1. Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?

Data Sucker. I like squeezing the last bit of information that I could gather out of anything (test case, experiment, figures and stats etc). I want to test how WD Black2 is going to perform and conclude any benefits that it can offer to any types of user -- inside and outside of gaming

Methodology. Everybody can conduct benchmarks but proper methodology and having a big bag of patience and another bag of experience is a different story

Storage Race. Eager to study and analyze where the newest generation of storage technology has taken the competition

About Me: I'm not a bachelor of any computer-related course. I'm just a passionate enthusiast who only has an online thread for gaming notebooks (300 pages and up) which keeps the cycle of information going. I love gaming but benchmarking & data gathering is my passion.

I am currently using a gaming notebook as my workhorse. Residing underneath is a 512GB Sata III SSD which needs a companion. My other bay is currently open for another test specimen (if lucky enough, lawls)

2. What are the games that you play?

DoTA 2, Civilization V, DiRT, NBA 2K, Crysis Warhead, Far Cry, BioShock Series, Mass Effect Series, GTA Series, Classic (emu-based)
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