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1.Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?
having shifted to FAST! WD Black 64MB Cache HDD, i am never been happier and will never look back< 2TB +2TB+4TB > but looking forward for this WD Black2 and i wanna know how fast really this baby is, as being advertised.

On what speed level can it offer compared to my existing WD Blacks when opening large photoshop files or compose or edit video in vegas + many adobe apps.

having WD Black sataIII is fast enough to satisfy my storage + speed needs and i always recommend it to my clients and fiends to buy whenever we assemble new PC, it's just plain very satisfactory over expense.

and having a marriage of SSD+WD Black is almost a dream.Now how about we do it in RAID 0 or perhaps RAID5?

2.What are the games that you play?
when schedule allows it, i'm a first person shooting gamer, i always play the BF and COD games from the oldest to the newest version with BF3|4 - COD4 MW1,2,3 | Ghost as favorites, while waiting for BF Hardline and COD Advance warfare as soon as it will be available.

also Medal of Honor Warfighter. i love this game.

ARMA series | sometimes sniper elite, ghost recon

also playing the Need for Speed racing games.

eyeing Metro2033 | TitanFall and WatchDog in coming days .

the oldie but addictive starcraft and Starcraft2

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