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Transcend microSD 330S 64GB Review

Mobile gaming is getting bigger and bigger, and with that said you’ll probably want to almost always upgrade anything that you can to level up your experience. Transcend wants a piece of that as its microSDXC 330S is designed for mobile devices and handheld game consoles with its latest A2 speed class that boasts high random read/write speeds. And that’s where in for today.


It’s a microSD card without any gaming flair or anything of the sort. Transcend wants to keep it simple with its usual packaging with the microSD 330S. This is more of presentation and user preference, but it could app up to sales value when attracting potential buyers. Whatever the case, you won’t see it anyway. Transcend also throws in an SD adapter in the package, so you can feel free to use it on different devices like a camera.

We’ll have two tests on this one. As usual, we’ll be testing this first on the microSD card reader on the ASUS E203NAH laptop.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark is an industry leading benchmark that help measure performance of system storage such as hard drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, and so forth.

Crystal Disk Mark

We begin with one of the storage benchmark standards with Crystal Disk Mark to measure both of its read and write rates through a series of tests.


Adding that “gaming” moniker to products more often than not jacks up the price. But since Transcend isn’t exactly going all out on marketing it as such, it’s still kept within the company’s usual price points. With that said however, prices of A2 class microSD cards have been going down and Transcend’s products might come off a bit premium than the competition. That is the case when you search for listings in this category. Transcend also offers its reputable 5-year warranty with the 330S, but then again chances are you’ll already have the next big thing. Wait for a sale at least if you’re planning to get this one.
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