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Thank you for posting your responses. Before we proceed, we want to clarify that the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 does not have phone capabilities like calling and texting, hence, it is not a smartphone.

We saw that some of you mentioned about Android applications that can be used when studying. Can you mention some?
First in the list is Aldiko! Since most phones only have trial versions of PDF viewers et. al. I recommend Aldiko since it's free, it lets you open PDF, spreadsheets, documents and eBooks. It also allows you to go to a page number so technically no hassle to scroll down the page manually especially if you need to read something on page 564. The interface is really nice as well and it motivates you to organize your stuff since it really is like a library.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which is a free app, gives me the meaning of the highfalutin words I encounter while reading Business Law and finance/accounting/economic journals. A good and reliable dictionary will really help you succeed and you'll get to understand more your readings.

DroidScan meanwhile takes a picture of the print readings and saves them as PDFs which you can immediately upload online. Helpful if there is no available photocopier nearby.

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