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Speaking of games, can you name some of the mobile games that you would play, if you win a Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi 4.2?
INOTIA If you really love RPG games like Ragnarok then this one is your best bet. The story line of the game is really nice and it's as if you're really playing some game on a computer because there are quests, tasks for finding items, killing a boss, etc. You also get to pick what kind of class your character will be (Barbarian, Templar, Rogue, Shadow Hunter, Arc Mage, and Priest for Inotia 3)! You're also given skill points and stat points to learn new attacks/techniques and upgrade your stats. There is also a party where you can have 2 companions with you! This game is really like a computer game and you can download it for FREE

I would also like to play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I'm pretty sure these games would run smoothly and won't have lags since this phone has high specs is offline   Reply With Quote