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Well, these apps would only help if you're not that knowledgeable as you can't pinpoint the certain settings that if left running or staying in that condition would lead towards a battery life that is less than the usual.

I would just like to reiterate my point and that is watching so many movies (like what most of you would probably do once you have that device) would drain the battery life faster.

Advanced Task Killer” can certainly do that, it has this capability of listing down unessential apps which are running in the back-round, and kill them, not to mention that you also have the option of choosing them.

This app is very useful as some of the apps stay running in the back-round even if you've already closed them.

Enabling this app reduces the battery consumption and aids your android like the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 to become faster which means that you can enjoy watching movie while this marvelous app is doing its job.

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