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No offense taken. I just felt like depth_16's comment was trying to discredit anyone else posting after him as copycat and that no one else in the competition ever came up with the idea until he posted. I mean, you put sniper and selfie in one sentence and ask the general public and you most likely will get a similar answer. I took offense because I took the effort to make my entry. In my case, I already had the concept even before I asked if I could join. I just did not have the time for the setting/lighting I was after.

Pasensya na kung parang pinalalaki ko yung issue pero hindi naman. Competition po kasi ito na ang criteria ay di kung sino nauna kung hindi kanino ang pinaka maganda. It will be HWZ who has the final say. Para lang akong stage dad na kapag inapi mo yung anak ko na nagpeperform sa stage e syempre di ako papayag.
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