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Hello Sir depth_16,
While you may be correct that you were the first to post, the same cannot be said on your other statement. The contest is themed as "sniper", and what is a sniper without his gun right? Some of us only have the weekends as free time to set up so we may have posted a bit later than you.

Isn't selfie a picture of one's self that they have taken themself, thus self-ie?
Still it will be up for HWZ to decide. Sir littlelion, your thoughts please?
I have really no intention to offense you sir. I am really sorry na ganun yung naging tingin nyo sa comment ko. Pasensya na.

Tama din po sya basta sariling kuh/sikap mo yung pagkuha ng photo considered as selfie photo. Sakin kasi android device lng (Starmobile Knight) medyo pa-hapon na tumapat ako sa bintana at dun ko nilagay ung cp ko with tissue paper box with self timer 10sec sa camera apps ko. Ang dami kong shot bago ako may napiling isubmit. yung iba putol ang ulo e. HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, sorry ulit mga brother kung ganun yung naging ng comment ko. Pasensya na po. Peace and Good luck sa lahat ng kasali! Good luck and God bless! Have a nice Holy week everyone! Tayo'y magnilay nilay. Alay lakad na!
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