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i pull the System out kasi when i used CPU-z hindi ma identify ung Manufacturer "but i can see the board's model no."
so i try to reformat pero ganun pala pag OLD system using this as a torrent rig at the same time Server sa Cafe ko...kasi tipid sa kuryente.

pero pag bibigyan kita "for the sake of argument"

incase na matagal ko hindi ginamit...

is there a problem with that?

i still can join in the contest...

no question about that...

but then, actually im using a Simbadda Case
para hindi mawala ung pagiging Classic nya...
and this thing actually can play a lot of games
i tried to over clocked this before "just for fun"
Celron 900 "1100" and used ati 9550" played Crossfire on it without LAG

and to add up to your answer if i also have a qualified ECS board, i will take my time to Resurrect my rig so i will have my chance to win. another point i guess is that even if the board was not used in the last 3-5 years it is reliable even though it was not used it still works.

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