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There will be no need for you to actually use Advanced Task Killer to save battery because the built-in Task Manager would already suffice. You just need to regularly close programs directly from that.

To back up my assertion, you may read this regarding the Facts and Myths on How to Make your Android Device Faster:

See it for yourself By the way, hopefully all you guys are safe from the recent southwest monsoon rains!
The tech blogger in the specified link provided is just looking on one assumption. There’s no experimentation to support the idea. He might have tested it on his device but testing ONLY in a single device would not reveal the truth due to the following factor: Different Android devices were being built using in different hardware features, Roms are being customized depending on the manufacturer. It is like humans when taking Meds, some have allergies, and some don’t, therefore, it has to be tested first in a row of devices before conclusion can be made.

I am suggesting it for that was my experience with my device, same as the tech blogger maybe that was his experience when he used one. Remember that “Hear Say” can never be a valid evidence. You can only testify once you have a personal experience on it.

I do understand that android has a default task manager but to kill the unnecessary backround apps manually every now and then would be a big hassle. What this app is offering is convenience and speed for it is freeing the RAM which is being filled-in by the backround processes. I also mentioned you can be selective in the apps that you’d like kill such as facebook, tweeter and emails that keep on syncing and running in the backround for I understand that some are running with its primary purpose. Those processes are being addedto CPU’s load and therefore draining the batteries.
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