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WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two!

Why do you want to join the WD Black2 User Trials?

I would love to test out the world's first 2.5" dual-drive. I have been a long time user of Western Digital for my PC's storage needs. I also have been acquainted with mechanical drives since 10GB hard drives emerged and is also acquainted with SSDs as per personal use and in builds for customers. I am very much keen towards the performance of these two storage drive technologies, along side the performance variations from PATA to SATA and up until SATA III. I would be very glad to test this unique storage having the speed of a SSD but with the capacity of a mechanical drive.

I am a computer enthusiast, a graduate of BS in Computer Engineering, and makes a part of my living through building computers. I am the president of a sole modding group here in Baguio City.

What are the games that you play?
I play various genres of games such as FPS, MOBA, and MMORPG. Some games tested and played are BattleField 3, DOTA 2, Flyff, NBA 2K9 up to NBA 2K14, Metro 2033, Just Cause 2, Mass Effect 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dirt 3, etc.
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