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Thumbs up Retro RAM: Quest for the Oldest Kingston Memory Module

This year, Kingston is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the computing industry. As a way of thanking customers, Kingston, in partnership with, is launching ‘Retro RAM: Quest for the Oldest Kingston Memory Module’ contest!

As a testimony of durability and reliability of Kingston memory modules, the main goal of the contest is to find the oldest working Kingston memory module. Hence, the participant must provide evidence of its age such as a sales receipt. Another means that the participant may use to determine the age is by providing a screenshot of the memory module’s information using CPUz or any other software utility.

Contest participants will get a chance to own a Kingston SH103S3/90G SSD and a Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX memory module!

During the contest, we’ll also be raffling off a Kingston DTSE9H/8GB flash drive! Individuals who want to participate in the raffle must answer all trivia questions that will be posted on the thread. Stay tuned for the trivia questions!

For more information on the contest mechanics, visit the following link. The contest is subject to the site’s terms and conditions regarding contests and lucky draws.

The thread is now up so let the contest begin!
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