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Portable media players (PMP) usually come with an integrated battery, but the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 is bundled with a removable type. Any thoughts on this?

I'm very happy that its battery is not integrated. As this is a performance heavy phone (in terms of the tasks it could do), there will come a time after continuous usage wherein the battery quality would deteriorate and thus not last long anymore.

If that happens, then fret not because the battery can be easily replaced! You also get the privilege to carry an extra one just to be ready all the time. Being able to change batteries extends your phones life and functionality, and as a student that's what I want because it's not a practical to use a device that would only last for 2/3/4 years.

I just want to share that I had an experience related to this removable battery. My very first phone was a Nokia 6600 (I was in Grade 6). The only problem that I encountered with that phone is when the battery is not functioning anymore after 2 years. Replacing the battery is the only trick I need, I was able to use it until 1st year college (total: 6 years). Sayang nga lang, kasi I may be able to still use it now, pero I'm not capable of doing so kasi it's interval system gave up on me na.

I'm pretty sure that if I have this device, I really could depreciate and use it until it gives up on me because what you just need to do is: [1] take care of the phone & [2] replace batteries if you're not satisfied at its performance na. is offline   Reply With Quote