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Size. The huge size of the box vs. the 2.5" size of the drive could really trigger you to think a lot of exciting things. How many goodies will you find inside. What accessories came along with it.

Color Scheme. I love the conservative two-color scheme (gold and black). They could choose to be flashy and use more than three colors but they didn’t. Gold makes up the premium quality feel and elegance of the product. Black signals serious masculinity

Box & Print Design. It includes a sliding & a cool magnetic flap box. Front box got the rear of a Formula One race car. Upon sliding the inner box, reveals the whole race car.

WD Black˛ Package Kit
- 2.5” WD Black˛ Dual Drive
- Quick Install Guide Booklet
- Technical Support and Warranty Information
- USB to SATA transfer cable
- USB web key. Links you to the driver and cloning software download

Quick Specs
- Capacity:120GB SSD + 1TB HDD
- Form Factor: 2.5"
- Interface: Serial ATA-600, 7 pin Serial ATA
- Drive Transfer Rate: 600 MBps
- Internal Data Rate: 350 MBps (read) / 140 MBps (write)
Aesthetics. I like the black, glossy smooth texture plate cover. You could also find some PCB traces as part of the design which kinda looks cool, too. Like a cyborg; half SSD, half HDD -- LOL

Standard 2.5” Design. Same sata connection interface. Even if it’s a combo of two physical drives, Western Digital was still able to manage to fit both, inside a 9mm housing. Notebook bays therefore, should be 9mm compliant.

Innovation. From the concept alone, the idea of having two physical drives forged in a single SATA, is another major step for digital storage tech. We are not just talking about merging basic storage disks here – we’re seriously dealing with performance-capacity combo drives (SSD & 1TB HDD)

One obvious drawback would be the no RAID option but I believe, it could be easily addressed in the future (software/firmware adjustments etc.). If they could come up with a "world's first" idea, finding a solution won't be a major problem.

Regardless, it's another great innovation which aims to save space and create a more compact yet powerful rig that can handle light to heavy work loads we throw on it.


Performance. On paper, it should perform below average vs. drive speed standards of the SSD/5400RPM HDD single drive counter parts. We'll get to know more about what is the real score on this department, so better keep posted.

Price. The price might be quite expensive than expected. That's how most pricing trend goes especially with new technologies.

Market. I believe that there's a demand & definitely potential market for this niche. They should invest for a 7mm variant in the future to expand the demand for another group of consumers. They could also beef up the 120GB SSD capacity to 240GB, to make more room for some key programs/softwares.

Special shout outs to ferta_32, Mudkip101, neesnu, timlyco and of course, HardwareZone.PH & Western Digital.PH!

*Flies away on a dragon*

Hello testers. Welcome to the WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two! In two weeks, you are tasked to test the WD Black2 Dual Drive and share with us your experiences with that new hybrid storage solution from WD. Per our orientation, the tester who will be able to share the most relevant insights will be chosen as the winner of the user trials and win a PhP 25,000-worth of gaming bundle which include a desktop monitor and a graphics card. May the best man win!

Testers, please introduce yourself and share with us your initial impressions and expectations on the WD Black2 Dual Drive that you have.

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