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Smile ViewSonic Expands Its Touchscreen for Commercial Applications

In line with the rising trend of touch technology, ViewSonic has incorporated innovative multitouch technology into the TD series of monitors and comes out with a strong product portfolio in a range of sizes: 22", 23", 24", and 27". The series supports both Linux and Windows and features ViewSonic’s innovations such as SuperClear technology, ergonomic design, and Eco Mode. To go with Windows 8.1 advanced edition launched last October, ViewSonic cooperates with other vendors to develop new applications for touch technology and delivers a versatile solution for use in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, museums, or exhibitions. ViewSonic’s touchscreen monitors offer a highly intuitive touch experience and versatile applications that make ViewSonic a market leader in commercial displays market.

As the public is more comfortable using kiosks in a variety of way, the implementation of touchscreen technology is also maturing now. Information kiosks increase the popularity of self-service and the users are allowed to access real-time and interactive information to meet individual requirements. In healthcare industry, now many hospitals kiosks come with ViewSonic touchscreen monitors to improve self-service check-in process and deliver information including schedule, directories and wayfinding. The high accuracy of ViewSonic touchscreen technology enables multi-point gestures such as zoom in/out, rotation, and drag. ViewSonic not only helps in improving efficiency of workflow at hospitals, but also provides convenient experiences to patients, saves time of medical staff, and allows them to focus on professional clinics and healthcare quality.

For enterprise users, ViewSonic TD40 series (21.5-inch TD2240, 23-inch TD2340 and 27-inch TD2740) with 10-point projected capacitive touchscreens offer a highly accurate and ultra-responsive touch experience— whether for Web-browsing, gaming, typing, or applications execution. Compatible with both Windows 8 and Linux, the series provides flexibility for businessmen to operate. The TD series features fantastic ergonomics, in which screens can be tilted and adjusted from 15 to 70 degrees for more efficiency, while the solid bookstand design keeps the display stable when touched. ViewSonic’s SuperClear IPS technology offers 178-degree vertical and horizontal wide viewing angles and features accurate color reproduction to provide users with an accurate, vivid colors, and consistent brightness levels viewing experience. Moreover, the TD2240 integrated with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) enables users to connect compatible mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets directly. This allows digital content from a mobile device to be viewed in stunning Full HD resolution on the large screen of the TD2240, while also simultaneously charging the batteries of the mobile device. The TD2740 includes an integrated 1-megapixel front webcam, speakers, and a microphone for video conferencing with Internet access.

For hotels and casinos, ViewSonic touchscreen monitors offer a number of touchscreen add-on options to provide users with an optimum interactive experience, such as checking for game schedule, game result, prize breakdown, game highlights, and game prediction, etc. The multi-point projected capacitive touchscreens allow even multiplayers to make quick bets on screen and to have an easy of use experience. The implementation of touchscreen technology to POS in foodservice industry allows the restaurant customers to engage with touchscreen ordering options, such as ordering meals, changing table cloth, gaming, or checking out. The interactive ordering brings interesting benefits while improving the speed and efficiency of a restaurant. All TD40 touch displays feature a 7H scratch-resistant surface hardness to ensure a consistent, high-quality touch experience even in high-traffic areas.

“As touch screens have enjoyed widespread use in commercial applications, the traditional keyboard and mouse is no longer the only interface for people to get interaction with information system. ViewSonic is dedicated to develop touch screen products from the users’ perspectives. Without the limitations of tools, the users can get a smooth experience with interactive interface.” said Max Hsu, product marketing director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific. “For example, ViewSonic offers Linux and Windows compatibility for the business users to get intuitive touch experience by placing their fingers on the touch screen to sweep and browse web pages. ViewSonic will continue to introduce multiple solutions for commercial applications with touchscreen technology and meet customers’ demand for fluent touch experience.”
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