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Portable media players (PMP) usually come with an integrated battery, but the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 is bundled with a removable type. Any thoughts on this?

A removable battery is a good move.

For instance, if I will be going for a long field trip, aside from apps that can help stretch battery hour of the device, one can also buy extra battery of same or bigger mAH at Samsung stores.

(For those non geeky students, the bigger the mAH (milliampere - hour), the longer the battery life).

Speaking apps that helps battery life, it is true that some apps can lengthen the device battery life. However, you can also save battery without the help of this apps. As far as i remember, Android uses Linux Kernel. One myth is that Task killers can help save battery.

Based on our lessons, it can not. Why? When an apps is closed in linux, it is closed and not running. It is just cached in the ram. So in Android, cached tasks are just cached, it wont eat battery. Though in some cases, like the facebook app, it runs and uses your connection (wifi) for updates so it really eats up battery life.

As for the Battery saver apps, they are automatic optimizer for settings like brightness, wifi.... This is good for those non-geeky...but those geek out there, they can simply adjust settings by themselves...
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