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No offense meant but it's not your call, I can't see your join date but as you can see I have joined a lot of contests from hwZ and though I felt that I could have won, I have to respect the panel's decision.

Also joining the contest or any contest there is only one winner. You just have to move on and take everything you can learn from the failure so that you can apply it the next time you join any contest.

I've seen a lot of contest like this and they've chosen which is the BEST in all aspect. And if someone did not follow the mechanics, of course it will be forfeited. But here in HwZPH I'm disappointed with how they evaluate and how they handle their contest. I think they didn't follow their own criteria for judging. Will you choose a crappy,slow speed, low storage memory flash drive over a durable, high speed high memory storage flash drive? I mean, why would they chose an effortlessly created meme? There are many other participants who make an effort on being creative and full of thoughts. But Why?

Yeah I know there could only be one. But the one they chose is? You decide. This is not a failure. This is Bad luck.
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