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I may not collect all the dragon balls or make something very impossible and inhumane, but the most realistic thing I can do is to full charge my laptop where i store all the videos and pictures of all the captured moments of life . Then "Go for an Extra Mile" to get near the Seagate GoFlex 500GB Satellite so I can connect my laptop and transfer all these media files to free up some hard drive space. So I can then store new pictures of people who made smiles due to this wonderful innovation. And that is us! You guys don't need to dare me. I'll do it as I win!

How about you? Can you really ask a celebrity for a date? Or ask the President to buy you a computer? Or be the reason why facebook shuts down? You gotta be kidding? Prove that you can do it so you deserve to have a GoFlex 500GB Satellite!
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