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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (IV)

Gaming Benchmark

Games benefit from SSD through its load time especially when the game loads textures and graphical aspects, though such depend on the game and is not general in nature.

*Note: All saved game files/profiles were moved in their specific drive locations upon testing. Storing such on only one location will affect load times (such as when I tested not moving game files/profiles from the WDC Blue which resulted to slower load time).

Here we can see that the WD BlackČ SSD is performing well by staying close to the performance of the SanDisk SSD. The gains of having a SSD over a HDD is obvious in this chart. Newer games tend to be more storage dependent as shown by the Battlefield 3 load time compared to the other games tested.


We the gamers are strict on FPS values in every game we play. We now must check out if SSD do have impact on games.

*Note: All games above except for Battlefield 3 are over 60FPS, hence, are not noticeable on framerate increase. Battlefield 3 will then be the only game used for FPS Testing.

The values are achieved by taking down the FPS on a specific part of the map. Here we can see minor FPS increase both equal on the SanDisk and on the WD BlackČ SSD. FPS are GPU and CPU intensive so FPS may increase but not that drastic.

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