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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Benchmark

VI. Benchmark Results

Hardwarezone provided us with a good set of benchmarking tools. Of the ones given, I decided to use PC Mark 8, AS SSD, and Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 x64. I also used another benchmarking tool which measures windows boot time called Bootracer 4.7.

I have installed windows 8 on the WD Black2's SSD and also on the WD Caviar Black (my old drive) for the benchmarking process. I also installed Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite 6 on both. I booted each drive to benchmark its own.

I am not surprised to see the WD Caviar Black outperform WD Black2's Hard Disk Drive because the WD Caviar Black's RPM (7,200rpm) speeds are higher than that of the WD Black2's Hard Drive (5,400rpm).

The disappointing thing to see is that the write speed of WD Black2 is not too far from WD Caviar Black's. I expected a lot more performance from the Black2 with it being an SSD.

What surprised me though is WD Black2's read speed. On its specification sheets, the read speeds were marked at 350 MB/s. On benchmark, it averages at around 429 MB/s which is around 80 MB/s higher.

In PC Mark 8, the storage score of the SSD clearly outperforms the WD Caviar Black.

Testing out the boot speed on each drive, the WD Black2 is the obvious winner. Cutting boot time by more than half. This is where you will clearly see the benefits of having an SSD.

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