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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Conclusion

VII. Conclusion

Out of the box the WD Black2 looks and feel like a premium item. The packaging itself sends the message clearly. It strives to provide a balance between an SSD and HDD by merging both together into one single drive. With its Shift_Technology™, the SSD and the HDD works harmoniously together giving your PC a boost in boot times and performance.

I may be a bit nit-picky but I was quite disappointed with the USB Key included. I had hoped for it to contain all necessary files needed to start using the drive without connecting to the internet considering that all of the files provided on the site total to only under 300MB. Instead, it is loaded with an autorun function that sends you to the WD Black2’s webpage and you have to download the drivers and programs manually.

Being a premium item also comes at a price. With an SRP of around PhP14,000, this may turn off some users and prevent them from purchasing the item. If the price were a bit lower, this would probably be a great choice of a hard drive especially for those that couldn’t afford to have 2 separate drives.

Performance wise, the write speeds of the WD Black2’s SSD drive could have been better but overall, the drive performs to my expectations. It provides a decent balance of speed and storage space for a 2.5” drive. The drive cuts my PC’s boot time in half and loads programs and games faster than my old drive. I would definitely make this my main drive and have the old WD Caviar Black as my storage drive.

Thank you so much to Hardware Zone Philippines & Western Digital Philippines for giving me the opportunity to have and test out this awesome product. More power and looking forward to more user trials!

You can also check out the full review here:
Tim Co experiences the Power of Two!

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