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Smile Smart Communications' Pocket Wi-Fi LTE (ZTE MF93D)

Believe it or not, many places near the urbanized districts of the Philippines are still unreached with cable-based Internet services. Telecommunications companies, like Smart, address this concern by providing alternative solutions, one of which is wireless Internet through the latest 4G LTE standard. Consumers avail of this service by means of mobile hotspot devices that support 4G LTE such as the ZTE MF93D.

A quick glance at the MF93D, it looks like a small portable hard drive. Its physique also reminded us of a gemstone because of its shiny top shell, on which the power button and the 1.4-inch display are located. The display presents details such as signal type (3G or 4G), signal strength, time spent, amount of data packets consumed, and number of connected devices. If 4G LTE signal would become unavailable, the MF39D would automatically connect to a 3G network. Some physical connectors that are present on the MF39D include two antenna connectors and a Micro-USB port. It also comes with slots for a SIM card and a microSD card, the latter is located near the WPS button.

I got a unit of the MF93D by subscribing to Smart Communications’ Pocket Wi-Fi LTE Plan 1299. Whether it was 3G- or 4G LTE-connected, using the MF93D with a notebook or a smartphone provided generally consistent connectivity. However, in order to save battery life, users must completely turn it off when it is not in use. The MF93D can last up to eight hours with long periods of non-use.

I visited to verify the download and upload speeds that the ZTE MF93D can deliver while being on Smart's 4G LTE network. The screenshot below was captured during work hours in Bagumbayan near Eastwood City. The MF93D registered one bar of 4G LTE strength during the test.

I'll update this post by providing more screenshots of speed tests in different locations in Metro Manila. If you are an owner of a 4G LTE mobile hotspot either from Smart or Globe Telecom, feel free to share with us your experience and speed test results by replying to this thread.
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