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Yup, multi-media includes pictures and videos, however, as being an ipod touch competitor its main stream, I could say is to provide entertainment for its end user. I think every function of this device is just balance in comparison with its market price. It aims to be flexible to satisfy every basic needs of its end user as far as the multi-media entertainment is concerned. Maybe that's the reason why the camera is being built that way, enough for everyday use.
Speaking of Samsung vs. Apple competition.

I'm happy that Samsung is now the leader in terms of the global market share of the smartphone industry. But to keep the number 1 spot, I think Samsung has to innovate and think of more creative ways on how to provide solutions for their customers' desires and wants.

Like for example in the case of this, one strength of the Galaxy is that is has a microSD card so you can have unlimited apps installed because you can literally have so much memory storage. It would be better nga lang if Samsung decided to put a flash, since iPod touch doesn't also have a built in flash for the camera, and I think this will help them build their product stronger and market it easier - at the same time, widening the gap when it comes to the two handheld devices (Galaxy and iPod Touch) differences.

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