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Smile WD Black˛ Conclusion: Pros × Cons × Recommendations

- Compact dual drive
- Offers 1.1TB total capacity
- 5 Years Warranty

- No RAID support
- Sky-high SRP

Sky-High SRP. Regular SSDs are not new anymore. For this level of pricing, a power user might not even get lured by the regular SSD speeds, WDB2 has to offer. He would rather cash out for a newer generation of faster SSDs like M.2.

- Improve SSD write speed
- Re-evaluate SRP

The way I see it, overall, the WD Black˛ was released too soon in the market. The idea of having two physical drives is really revolutionary, although, the number of limitations (software/hardware-related) it has is not quite good indicator for a good digital storage.

Apparently, the SRP is the major factor that steers the fate of this revolutionary product. I believe, the only way it would survive the market is to either, fix issues its list of issues and live up to its price or the other way around.


Again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to HardwareZone.PH and Western Digital PH for this great opportunity. This is my first participation in a contest and I'm very honored to share my knowledge and experience on a different level. Hope you found something useful in my entry. Thank you! >; {D

- olibroccoli

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