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Smile Our Conclusion and the Winner

In more than two weeks of communicating and working with these five great gentlemen, we can say that our experience was very beneficial. The WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two! was launched, not only to sing praises to the WD Black2 Dual Drive, but also to evaluate the product in a constructive fashion, a useful approach in product development. By means of this campaign, we were able to share the WD Black2 Dual Drive with real individuals who are capable of maximizing the usage of the product. Each tester is unique because of their different backgrounds and their uniqueness helped in shaping the entire flow of the user trials. Another factor that made this user trials sensible is the varying parameters and test setups that were used by our testers. At first, we were expecting that these guys would generate similar observations and testing procedures, but they failed us in a positive manner.

We believe that each tester was able to showcase their strengths during the user trials, which include writing skills, honest analysis, detailed physical observation, good photography, and data presentation. Besides these, we also appreciate the additional efforts that were exerted, those approaches that went beyond our expectations, manifesting the desire to win this competition. Some even went to great lengths by making videos, using other software applications and testing tools in addition to what we provided, and publishing their observations in a well-timed manner. Do note that the benchmarking process was one of the bloodiest sections of the competition as it required a lot of time and patience in order for the testers to produce a sensible conclusion.

In general, the five gentlemen whom we have chosen are already considered winners. They will keep their WD Black2 Dual Drive units. Whatever will be the future of these units will entirely depend on their decision. However, per our announcement in the beginning of the campaign, we have to choose one of them, the person who will be considered the winner of the winners. After a thorough evaluation, we decided to declare Limbert Pascual Sanoy a.k.a. ferta_32 the top winner of the WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two! He will take home the entire set of prizes that we posted. Congratulations!

Once again, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks, not only to the five testers (Timothy Co a.k.a., Lorenzo James De Guzman a.k.a. Mudkip101, Limbert Sanoy a.k.a. ferta_32, Lloyd Lester Partoza a.k.a. neesnu, and Oliver Santos a.k.a. olibrocolli) whom we chose, but also to all participants of the user trials during the screening process. Thank you and we are looking forward to your support in our future campaigns.
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