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Good entry! However, can you upload larger images? We can't clearly see the details. Thanks!

here's my Server/Torrent Rig
ECS Socket 370 P6VXM2 rev.1.0
the Other one is....
ECS Socket 462 N2U400-A-L rev. 1.0
CPU-Z cant identify the Manufacturer on s370 don't know why
i recently reformatted the s370 still the manufacturer cant be identify by the CPU-id
Love this Board "Low Power Consumption And Operating 24/7" sweeeeet...
Serve as my Torrent Rig and at the same time Internet Cafe Server
This Dynamic Duo Never Fails me...
im Planning to put this thing back on a MOD Simbadda Case and MOD Exodus Case
Giving it a reward for Serving me the Best of what it Has...
This Board is Amazingly fast.....

Hey its OLD
No its ECS
the board that Last...

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