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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (III)


WD BlackČ SSD + WD BlackČ HDD
*Note: All images on the left are images of the SSD, and on the right are images of the HDD.


We now can notice that by simultaneous read and writes on the SSD and on the HDD, the transfer rates on both storage are affected and drops on a significant value.

AS SSD - Copy Benchmark

The same results from Passmark are obtained when benchmarking these two storage simultaneously, which shows drops on transfer rates. The HDD transfer rates drop and the SSD is drastically affected as noticed on the differences on the speed and duration of the tests.

AS SSD - Compression Benchmark

As we can see in the image, the transfer rates of the two storage are quite stable when used independently. But when used simultaneously as seen on the bottom of the image, the transfer rates drop especially on the read speed of the SSD. All the transfer rates of the SSD and the HDD are affected and becomes unstable.

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