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The WD BlackČ Dual Drive performance surpassed my expectations, I was surprised to see its performance almost near my two dedicated drives, given the fact that it's a single drive acting as two, I thought one or the other drive will sacrifice its performance, but after doing simultaneous benchmarks and test, and using for weeks as my main drive, I was proven wrong.

The WD BlackČ Dual Drive engineering is really top of the line, for them to came up with this new innovation, many of us enthusiast and even casual users will really benefit from this, Specially those who are using laptops and small form factor chassis.

WD BlackČ Dual Drive's premium packaging, elegant design and lot's of usable package inclusion (specially that sata-usb header), compact design and almost near perfect performance can make any enthusiast buy this product, the only thing that can make someone decide not to buy this innovative product is its price. with an estimated price of 14,000 pesos, they will choose the option of buying a separate SSD and HDD for only half its price, if only WD can lower its price a bit I'm sure this product will be a hit.

WD BlackČ Dual Drive is an outstanding innovative product, just like the others it has its own flaws.

To sum it all here's the pro's and con's based on my user trial experience with this drive.

- Outstanding build quality
- Innovative dual drive solution
- Premium packaging
- 5 year warranty

- May not fit on every laptop
- Needs additional driver to access 2nd drive
- Price

Again, thank you very much to Western Digital Philippines and Hardware Zone Philippines for giving me a chance to experience and have this wonderful product. And I also enjoyed my very first user experience/review along with my fellow testers.

From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you so much for this Experience.

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