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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Game Experience Part III

VII. Gaming Experience Part III

Batman Arkham Origin Settings & Benchmark

As seen on the game's benchmarks, there is an increase in framerates when using the WD Black2. There is usually an increase in average frames per seconds even on the WD Black2's HDD. The changes though are very small in which case you wouldn't really feel that much of a difference.

One thing to note is the fact that even though the WD Black2's HDD RPM speeds are slower than that of the WD Caviar Black, It does perform slightly better in terms of gaming. It performs close to that of the SSD. I think this is due to the WD Black2's Shift_Technology™.

Another thing that I couldn't display in the benchmarks is the load times of each game. I've been using the WD Caviar Black for a long time and its loading speeds are quite good but upon playing on the WD Black2, you would feel that games and other programs just boot faster even when you install them on the HDD side of the WD Black2. This is probably due to the Shift_Technology™ where the HDD and SSD of the WD Black2 are working well hand in hand to lessen the drag on the PC.

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