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As for the other apps that were mention I will still go for RealCalc Scientific Calculator. As a engineering students, I can say that Scientific Calculator should never be separated with me, since we do a lot of computations and other stuffs.
Such a great thing to have this app.

Sorry to actually burst your bubble, but if you're just putting the scientific calculator app (as this was the only app you rendered here) in the device, I don't think it will be very effective at all. Personally, I sometimes use the calculator installed at my friend's android phone and I must say that it just makes the process longer, kasi you have to press precisely on the screen etc.

I think that using a real scientific calculator would really make your life easier because you really have these buttons to press and "feel" and you would know if you'd press the buttons already, as suppose to using a calculator on a touch screen wherein you really have to look at the display to know if the stimuli was recorded.

Well there are some instances of course that using a calculator app would be beneficial, such as using it for graphing and all the other 3D models. To sum it up, I don't think that solely installing a calculator app on the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-fi 4.2 would be beneficial as we're not maximizing the capabilities that this device can do.

Basically, it's just my two cents. Maybe you can add more apps that you'd like to actually put?

I can feel you mate, I still want to use my scical rather than other gadget but all that Im pointing out here is that it is an Android application that can be used when studying.

And one more thing, yeah solely installing a calculator app on this baby would not be that beneficial but we are not talking about how or what more, just talking about the app that could be useful for a student.

I think with sizable screen, pressing it precisely is definitely not going to be problem and also, application responsiveness really depends on the gpu and the processor. With this Samsung Galaxy S wifi 4.2, I think it can be used with ease.
The real problem that I see here is most of the professor won’t allow you to use any gadget/device other than a scientific calculator during class, especially in examination. Like my professor in math, for example. Nevertheless, this app is really one to consider because it is better to always have something in handy…
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