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……With the new Samsung Galaxy S and it's 4.2 inch wide screen, viewing all my slideshows for all my classes will be a breeze.
Apart from the widescreen, its media player can be a very helpful tool for me spends weekends travelling from Los Banos to Rizal. My weekly 6 hour ride to and From Los Banos to my home can be a lot less straining when I have 8 GB worth of entertainment at my fingertips
In addition, we cannot only view slideshows at the device, it can also control Powerpoint presentation (while reporting) with the device’s wifi and Bluetooth connection. This is with the help of applications like ‘Remote for Powerpoint’ and ‘iClickr’ connected to a PC. It can also display what is being displayed on the slideshow so you wont have to look the projector every now and then...

On a not so geeky terminology, it is like a remote control used on powerpoint reports so you don’t need to press the enter or arrow button while reporting. +points to your grades!

Lucky for people like us, who travels a lot to school, the S Wifi 4.2 has enough battery to last upto almost 6 hours of video (enough for your travel). Though certain settings like brightness, type of movie format, number of applications running at the current time can affect the promised battery performance, but if you are just an audiophile, this portable media player has enough power for non-stop music for a manila to a whooping 30-40 hours.

As a student, I expect the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 to be amazingly fast and have a very good sound quality. Also, This is the first Android device that will compete with the iPod Touch, so we can expect it to be very good.
And speaking of audio quality, this Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 has SoundAlive audio technology. So it means optimized audio experience like crystal clear sounds, deep bass, and better tone. In a simpler term, it is betttterrr music experience.

What more can you expect if paired with a quality earphone?

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