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With all the slideshows presented to us in all our classes, I have to find a way to make sure that I can easily access them whenever I need them. Sure, a laptop can be used to view all the documents and references I need for my studies; but with a hectic schedule, running around campus lugging around a 6.8 pound laptop isn't really practical, and it isn't worth straining my back for it. With the new Samsung Galaxy S and it's 4.2 inch wide screen, viewing all my slideshows for all my classes will be a breeze.

Apart from the widescreen, its media player can be a very helpful tool for me spends weekends travelling from Los Banos to Rizal. My weekly 6 hour ride to and From Los Banos to my home can be a lot less straining when I have 8 gB worth of entertainment at my fingertips.
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