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You Say, I Give Student Edition

Shown in the photo is the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2. Based on the images alone, as a student, what do you expect from it?

What I except of course mainly would be a fast and reliable Wi-Fi capability especially for me as a fourth year engineering student, too many word and pdf files are to be reviewed and/or used as reference materials. Along with this connectivity would be the battery life, I expect that it would last long even on continuous use of its Wi-Fi.

An included feature expected is a good music player, having easy to use interface, spacious internal memory and of course high quality audio output for musical satisfaction. This again needs a high capacity battery able to handle the said above features.

Being an android phone, I also expect its interface to be an ease in usage. Along with a good quality camera, this will be used in taking pictures of other school related shots for thesis and other projects.
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