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Shown in the photo is the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2. Based on the images alone, as a student, what do you expect from it?

As a student with a very limited budget for things that aren't very essential, the very first thing that pops in my mind - PRICE. No matter how good the smartphone gets, if it's not within my budget allocated for purchasing one, then I would rather not buy it or maybe I can save up more to be able to purchase this in the near future (hopefully when prices have adjusted for it to be cheaper) if I really find the phone worthy of my hard-earned savings.

Second, I expect its features to keep me sane out of all the stress that my school workload grants me. I expect it to be a phone that would help be my companion in my academic requirements as I go along this school year. I want it to be a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL phone. Multi-functional in the sense that:

[1] It would help me do some of my research, communication with my friends, have a long battery life in preparation of these sleepless nights and instances when there'll be sudden power outages and a large memory space available so that I will be able to put images, documents and other files so that I will be able to access them whenever wherever I am.
[2] It would keep me entertained in times I need a break from doing school related activities. I expect it to be able to support a lot of games because I really love to play games, have a good quality and clear sounds for FM radio and music, have a decent camera that would help me capture those unforgettable moments and for it to be very responsive so that there will be no game lags and I can surf the net quickly

That's some of the things that I expect this smartphone to have because as a student, I will have to rely all my tech-related activities on a single unit. I want to have a phone that can almost do ALL so that no matter where I go, I can deliver and finish my tasks and be able to relax afterwards. is offline   Reply With Quote