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Smile Answers and Winners

Thank you for participating in the Norton 360 Multi-Device Multiple Choice Challenge. Here are the correct answers to our ten questions (underlined).

Question #1: What are the software platforms that are compatible with Norton 360 Multi-Device?

a. Mac and Windows for desktop computers and notebooks
b. Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets
c. All of the above

Question #2: What feature of Norton 360 Multi-Device scans your Facebook Wall and News Feed?

a. Safe Web for Facebook
b. Safe Search for Facebook
c. Safe Surfing for Facebook

Question #3: What feature of Norton 360 Multi-Device detects the signs that a file is dangerous?

a. Radar Behavioral Protection
b. Sonar Behavioral Protection
c. Sonic Behavioral Protection

Question #4: This feature alerts you to the location of a misplaced or stolen mobile device.

a. Alarm Zone
b. Voice Alert
c. Scream Alarm

Question #5: What tool of Norton 360 Multi-Device creates an emergency rescue disc for your PC?

a. Norton Ghost
b. Norton Power Eraser
c. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Question #6: What component of Norton 360 Multi-Device updates its virus definitions?

a. Norton LiveUpdate
b. Norton Pulse
c. Norton Upgrade

Question #7: What technology inside Norton 360 Multi-Device locks fraudulent "phishing" sites?

a. Anti-phishing Technology
b. Anti-malware Technology
c. Anti-virus Technology

Question #8: How can Norton 360 Multi-Device help parents protect their kids from online dangers?

a. Parental Control
b. Parental Care
c. Parental Guidance

Question #9: What are its two features that prevent you from downloading files from shady websites?

a. Download Manager and IP Address Monitor
b. Download Insight and IP Address Insight
c. Download Scheduler and IP Address Dashboard

Question #10: How many devices does the version of Norton 360 Multi-Device reviewed can support?

a. Two
b. Three
c. Five

And here are the winners. Each will take home two copies of Norton 360 Multi-Device installers. Congratulations!

Eurethel Agapin (yuri_thel)
Junnel Montelibano (JUNNEL04)
Ryan Tiglao (ryan_wax)
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