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The reason that I did not put my testimonial before and decided to only put it now is due to the exact reason that you mentioned above, mine was only solely my experience and it does not warrant enough judgment to generalize or at the very least, speak for the majority.

I agree that devices are built differently from each other, however a task killer or any other programs effect on the phone (i.e. staying running in the background) will be the same for all.

If you are referring to the article as "hear say," then I beg to differ as I believe at the website's credibility; moreover, the author's credibility. I am using a Smart ZTE Blade android phone, and upon installing the task killer app, I found my device to run slower and I was annoyed as the program is added to the roster of the running apps that I need to close every now then.

Sharing a blog review would be more credible as it is from a person that is more knowledgeable in the field. In addition, you might have forgotten that there are user testimonials/comments at the bottom of the page of the aforementioned article. You will see there that the consensus of all comments points out that Task Killer Apps are bogus and ineffectual.

I don't think that one of the strengths of the app killer would be convenience because I don't see any difference on the convenience that you get from the built in task manager and Task Killer app. You can select and choose what apps to kill, etc.. The task manager can do whatever the Task Killer is capable of-(Not the automatic way).
There are also geeky websites who are recommending this. Like what I have quoted it is with the experience. Factors affecting it are the Hardware and how the ROM's are being coded by the manufacturer and the knowledge of the user. By that means, the end user has to put the specs of the gadget into consideration in choosing an app. Blog reviews are guide, but there's nothing more valuable evidence than being able to experience it by your own, and that is my very reason why i am not putting any of such, aside from the fact that it is their intellectual property.

I am able to utilize this app for know the right settings. I, myself is an android user for quite a long time. I am able to customize my gadget in the order that I want which is the reason why my friends are relying on me in terms of the techie stuff.

I must say that this app has a better chance on Samsung Galaxy S wifi 4.2 for I got a Samsung phone, same manufacturer.

Samsung really makes great and quality devices at affordable price. No wonder why they are the number 1 phone manufacturer around the globe nowadays.

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