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Thank you for posting your responses. Before we proceed, we want to clarify that the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 does not have phone capabilities like calling and texting, hence, it is not a smartphone.

We saw that some of you mentioned about Android applications that can be used when studying. Can you mention some?
These are the apps that could help in school (especially in programming),
  1. C4Droid,
  2. Java Reference Cards (for seatworks)
  3. and Formulas Lite for some assignments.
However, there are some apps that can be also used for learning aside from its original purpose.

One example is Diaro Diary. Aside from personal stories (crushes and cute friends hihih... ), anyone can also use it for daily homeworks, notes and reminders.

Another is Google Goggles which was showed to me, I was really amazed with it. This could be a very helpful tool for learning... OCR, image recognition, and solve Sudokus..

To add, let me rearrange the phrase 'Android Applications that can be used when Studying' to 'Can be used when Studying Android Applications'.

In our school curriculum, we try to create android applications. We also study android applications by using an easy-to-use, easy-to-connect Appinventor. ( )

This device would be great testing ground for the application dev -- it has good screen size for better viewing, Samsung made it so it has updated and great driver / package support, it has almost complete connections like GPS, wifi and bluetooth....
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