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Smile Awesome giveaway!

Yay! Hope to win this! I really want to have this limited edition items!

My answers for the Apacer AH333 USB:

1. What is the “Perfect Partner Snoopy” USB flash drive from Apacer?
Answer : Apacer AH333 USB Flash Drive

2. What is the shape of the hand-fitting Apacer AH333 USB Flash Drive?
Answer : Pebble-like circular body of AH333 USB Flash Drive

3. What is the minimum and maximum storage options of the Apacer AH333 USB Flash Drive?
Answer : Storage selection from 8 GB to 64 GB
My answers for the Apacer B510 Mobile Power Bank:

1. What material is the Apacer B510 made of?
Answer : It is made out of boutique quality aluminum alloy

2. What is the capacity of the Apacer B510?
Answer : It has the quantity of 5000 mAH, which is enough to charge ordinary smart phones twice.

3. What is the weight of the slim and light Apacer B510?
Answer : Its appearance is extremely slim, with only 1.2 cm. wide and weighs only 170 g.
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