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Its because Galaxy S Wifi 5.0,S Wifi 4.2 and Galaxy S are like brothers, all of them uses PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, ARM Cortex A8 CPU but it differs on chipset, S5PC110 for SGS and SGSWifi 5.0, while SGSWifi 4.2 uses S5PC111.

Sorry but I am still a little girl when it comes to android, but S5PC110 is also Exynos3110 (Exynos 3 Single), right?

So based from some data I researched, it should have a tv out via 3.5mm jack.

And SGSWifi 4.2 uses same chipset with Nexus S and Samsung Continuum (i400) (S5PC111) and Nexus S does not have TV out, based on this, we can GUESS that it will not have TV out.

However, it is still possible. But as of now, we can only assume not based on the hardware specifications of SGSWifi 4.2...
It's a great thing that someone has already confirmed, meaning is a bigger chance that this device will work with 3.5mm jack. It just needs to be tested.
Who ever wins in this contest pls post it if its working or not.
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