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As a student i would expect...

I would expect so much from the Galaxy S, with the possibilities in just one device, i could do so much. We can all say that we are now in a post-pc generation, wherein developments and innovations in technology brought us portable media, research, communications and other activities which in fact can fit in devices. We pretty much rely now with such devices as information can go as anywhere and can be found anywhere. But still yes, valuable information and research can be done with or without them, it is just so easy and a breeze when we use them. As a student, i would work of course with my books and other documents, but with such devices more information can be obtained, FASTER. So what do i really expect with the Galaxy S WiFi? Simple. From research and work related tasks to communications and social networking to entertainment. It should have or can do such. The way we communicate nowadays, no longer required a cellular telecommunications sim, what we all need is a connection and an app which can do communicating to others. With that, phone-capabilities are slightly compensated.
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