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Shown in the photo is the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2. Based on the images alone, as a student, what do you expect from it?

Planning and organizing my everyday schedule, being a working student is very critical. Most of time, I feel being overwhelmed with the entire task that I have to do. Changing and modifying the nature of each responsibility is more often than not hardly possible. Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2, “based on the image alone”, delivers a manifestation of becoming stylish for the student while providing a strike of balance of becoming a professional for those who are also working. Its physical dimension which is relatively not excessively large and as well as not too small will clearly make an available precise view of files and documents ready for review without having both hands occupied at the same time. Its connectivity features transport a great contribution and aids to all of my research work, projects and assignments. Additionally, this lightweight electronic device aspects like an A-listing of all indispensable applications such as ThinkFree Office and Schedule Planner APP that can help me arrange and not only to finish tasks, but more importantly to complete all of my obligations on or before hitting the deadlines. Hence, it’s freeing my timetable, reducing wasted time and allowing me to have the luxury of leisure time, while listening to music, or maybe browsing all of my accounts from various social media network. So what’s in it for me? As a student I’m supposing that by having Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 this will differentiate myself from others by having an enormous advantage on effective time planning and goal setting, while reducing stress, achieving balance in my life, becoming more productive and more importantly reaching my objectives.

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