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Im having a hard time to upload my photo =( I hope some one will help me re upload it

This is the direct link

I never ever let my iPAD out of my sight. From morning till evening I always make sure He is besides me even during sleep time. That is how Im so overly attached to him. When he is hurt or being used not the way I intended to see him , I feel an ouch in my heart and I think Im hearing his angry voice of shouting and hammering me down into pieces just to let my keen senses concentrate unto him. And who knew, Much better than a person, Talking to him, playing with him and even doing some stuffs to his Apps not just draining his energy but also draining my depression . I know, it may not be enough of protection to him, but in the future, Im going full proof with him and to invest in a more reliable protective case and insurance as what would Targus would offer an armor of love to him.

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