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Post Lenovo Picks Blogger David Guison as Vibe X Ambassador

Whether it’s about expression his style in fashion, perfecting his craft in photography, trippin’ around the city, or indulging in his love for food, David Guison seems to be everywhere in the Manila scene.

It seems that pursuing his interests has become a lifestyle and even a career for the 23-year-old blogger and photographer. And a big part of his lifestyle is reflected in the different choices that he makes for his personal gadgets

David Guison, sometimes referred to by friends as Dave or DG, has come a long way from being a casual blogger who only documented (and re-blogged) things that interested him to becoming his own person and opinion leader in the digital scene.

The shy kid from the old days has not only become an inspiration to his peers, but he has also become one who could pursue his love for travel, which comes with the territory of blogging.

As expected, those days of traveling come with a lot of documentation, from snapping pictures to making sure that he’s still connected to his fan base. After all, the work of a blogger doesn’t only start and end from 9-to-5—it’s a lifetime’s worth of pursuing a passion.

Because of this, David finds comfort in the fact that his Lenovo Vibe X, to which he is an ambassador for, is able to keep up with the all-around demands.

Of course, owning devices and being able to easily understand technology are two different things, and David admits that, even though he has a multimedia arts background as his undergraduate degree, he’s hardly a techie who’s knowledgeable about the latest gadgets.

Still, that doesn’t mean that David doesn’t enjoy his own techie toys, as he confesses to even having three different cameras — “one for my outfit photos, one for events, and one for travel” — and acquiring the latest gadgets that he needs in his line of work.

It’s also an added bonus that the Lenovo Vibe X, though having the latest technology in smartphone today, is actually handy and easy enough to use.

Juggling all of the things that David does on a daily level is no quick work, which means that he also need the kind of gadget that won’t get in the way of accomplishing them.

Perhaps it’s the fact that he admits to not being able to survive without a gadget — and especially so, when each aspect of his lifestyle seems to be accompanied by at least one gadget.

One can say that the hodgepodge of David’s interests — be it culture, lifestyle, fashion, food, photography, or the many other things he’s dabbling as of late — matches the Lenovo Vibe X perfectly.

With its mix of high-quality specs that can compete with the latest and top smartphones in the tech scene, there’s hardly anything more than he wants from it.

You have the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS, which David compares to others that he has tried as the only one that has not caused him crashes or problems during shoots or events. He also appreciates the camera, which features a 13-megapixel rear camera that can take 1080p HD videos (“Perfect for my Instavids!” as David says) and a 5-megapixel front camera for the occasional selfie.

Truly, the Lenovo Vibe X also matches David’s style, as it is one of the premium smartphones that combines a sleek and slim finish with all the horsepower to juggle the operations within.
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