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Smile WD BlackČ Benchmarks

The Test Drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs)
WD BlackČ: 120GB, SATA III
OCZ Vertex 4: 512GB, SATA III

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
WD BlackČ: 1TB, 5400RPM
HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies): 1TB, 7200RPM
There are TONS of benchmarking tools for digital storage that I can give but I only need few to bench each unique storage test. I'll try to concise everything and not bloat this review with the same test over and over again on a different tool.

WD BlackČ Side by Side Analysis. WD BlackČ matched the OCZ Vertex 4 boot speed. HGST came third ahead of BlackČ HDD. WD SSD passed the SSD boot up standards and a 162% boot time advantage over a mechanical HGST HDD and see the significant disadvantage if you're still using a 5400RPM drive

WD BlackČ Side by Side Analysis

1. Sequential Read Speeds
-- vs OCZV4. Slightly lower, but STILL acceptable
-- vs 7200RPM. More than 2x faster
-- vs 5400RPM. It's 74% faster reading and loading huge blocks of data (i.e. huge multimedia files). If there's any factor that makes an SSD a great upgrade, it's the read speed ─ well, at least for me

2. Sequential Write Speeds
-- vs OCZV4. Fell huge about more than 3x slower
-- vs 7200RPM. Not much difference; not a good sign for an SSD
-- vs 5400RPM. 7% faster; not a good sign for an SSD

3. Random Read Speeds
-- vs OCZV4. Quite slower; still on typical SSD speed
-- vs 7200RPM. *NEXT, please..*
-- vs 5400RPM. 99% better; significantly faster load and read speeds on small blocks of data. It's the factor that gives the "snappiness" in a system

4. Random Write Speeds
-- vs OCZV4. More than 2x slower
-- vs 7200RPM. Body bag, still
-- vs 5400RPM. 99% better; significantly faster in writing small blocks of data (log files, etc.)

WD BlackČ Side by Side Analysis
-- vs OCZV4. On paper, it's slightly slower. You won't even feel any real-world difference
-- vs 7200RPM. 21x faster NAND flash vs magnetic platters
-- vs 5400RPM. Ridiculously 2,741% faster. Say NO to request and completion latencies.

WD BlackČ Side by Side Analysis
-- vs OCZV4. Lost by almost 2x of its score; still acceptable for a standard SSD score
-- vs 7200RPM. 33x better on all counts
-- vs 5400RPM. 95% higher. Totally dominated the overall digital storage performance aspects

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